Automotive G+H A.N.C

As times change, so do the demands placed on the automotive industry and its suppliers. As a partner to the automotive industry, G+H Schallschutz GmbH has adapted very successfully to these changes for more than 50 years. G+H has always been committed to meeting market requirements.

That’s why we have merged and streamlined all G+H Schallschutz GmbH activities worldwide relating to technical acoustics in the automotive industry under the brand name G+H A.N.C (Automotive Noise Control).

In this way, we have been able to accommodate your requests to incorporate engineering tasks into the planning phase, thus improving our service further still.

G+H A.N.C generates technical and economic benefits for you, particularly if you are looking for complete solutions from a single source.

It goes without saying that one of our success factors – our flexible customer proximity – remains a top priority. The large number of highly-qualified experts in our extensive branch network means that help is never far away if you need support or advice. What’s more, a centralized group of specialists can be called on to find a solution for unusual challenges.

Your benefits from the G+H service package:


  • Decades of international experience from an industry leader
  • Coordinated, sophisticated end-to-end solutions from a single source
  • Error minimization as a result of fewer interfaces


  • Planning costs halved thanks to the elimination of the interface between the engineering consultant and the company providing the services
  • No project management and site management costs for the customer
  • Transparent warranty conditions
  • Excellent price/performance ratio thanks to the use of optimized elements from the G+H database