Run-up Pens

G+H Schallschutz has more than 50 years of experience in the planning and implementation of jet engine run-up pens. G+H Schallschutz built the first enclosed facility in 1962 at Hamburg Airport.

G+H Schallschutz assumes responsibility for the consulting, technical analysis, planning and implementation of complete turnkey projects.

We construct open 3-sided systems, partially enclosed facilities as well as completely enclosed acoustic facilities, all according to your custom specifications.

The decision matrix shows how different systems are used depending on the required noise reduction and the aerodynamic specifications.

Decision matrix for noise control systems

Decision matrix for run-up pens

Wind tunnel test for different types of run-up pens
(typical difference in turbulence intensity between 3-sided and enclosed facilities)

The current state-of-the-art facility has two motorized wing doors. The heavy doors serve as silencers and flow straighteners, thus ensuring almost turbulence-free airflow to the engines at all times.

This type of hall not only cuts noise levels significantly, it also offers virtually 100% availability in unfavorable wind conditions (patent nr. EP 0 918 687).

At present, this type of facility offers an unrivaled price/performance ratio.

Hamburg noise control hall with detailed view, type SONEX RUP E

Noise control hall at Hamburg Airport with detail views of the Sonex RUP E system

3-sided noise control system for jet engine test runs with typical detailed views, type SONEX RUP-W

Three-sided jet engine run-up pen with typical details for the Sonex RUP-W system