Solutions for industry

In industry, as well as producing components and complete systems, machines also generate a lot of noise. Even in areas where noise levels are not high enough to impair hearing, they still reduce concentration, increase the potential for errors, and add to the amount of waste produced. Efficient acoustic measures help cut noise levels considerably, thus improving the quality of work and the working environment.

As one of the leading companies in this sector, G+H can look back on over 50 years of experience in industry. An interdisciplinary team develops customized solutions for even complex tasks – regardless of whether the focus is on optimum noise insulation, highly-functional moving parts, air intake and exhaust gas systems, or pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical components. In doing so, we take into account the needs of every-day use and the requirements of research and development engineers. We choose the right components in line with technical and economic factors. We also develop and test innovative, project-specific components in our development center.

Our portfolio of products for industry includes:

  • Enclosures and booths
  • Measuring and test rooms
  • Doors and gates
  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Vibration insulation
  • Silencers