Acoustical enclosures for gas turbines

The demands placed on acoustical enclosures are much higher in the power plant and gas & oil sectors than in industry in general. G+H has designed special-purpose acoustical enclosures with optimum sound insulation for these sectors, which can be employed, for example, in:

  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Exhaust ducts
  • Generators and transformers
Acoustical enclosure of a transformator

Acoustical enclosure of a transformer

Complete encapsulation of gas turbines, generators and auxiliary systems

Complete encapsulation of a gas turbine, generator
and auxiliary systems

Depending on customer requirements, the sound hood can be mounted on-base, i.e. directly on the frame of the turbine, or off-base in order to facilitate service work within the surrounding grating without having to remove parts of the sound hood. Other options for the self-supporting enclosures include a gas-tight design and rapid dismantling and reassembly. At the same time, our customized interfaces to operating and process control systems ensure optimum safety and control.

By request, we can supply acoustical enclosures with:

  • Sound-absorbing intake and exhaust systems
  • Active fire prevention equipment that meets all the requirements for explosion protection
  • Complete electrification, including temperature and humidity sensors and measuring equipment for functional safety
  • Waste heat recovery from enclosure or filter house for anti-icing systems
  • Operating and maintenance platforms
  • And take care of the assembly for you.