Exhaust gas systems

In addition to the air intake system and gas turbine, the exhaust gas system also plays a part in determining the efficiency and reliability of a gas turbine power plant. To achieve top performance, it is essential to combine the - often conflicting - demands of fluid mechanics, acoustics, heat transfer, statics and vibration technology. The tailor-made stacks and exhaust gas systems from G+H take into account all the technical and economic specifications, thereby fully satisfying all customer requirements.

Our portfolio encompasses all the requisite parts and components for the exhaust gas systems of gas turbines in every power class. These include double-walled stacks for small gas turbines, as used in industry or in natural gas compressor stations, and stacks with interior insulation for the world’s largest gas turbines used in power plants.

Our product range includes:

  • Exhaust ducts, exhaust gas ductwork and diffusers
  • Stacks of different shapes and heights
  • Flow-optimized, highly temperature resistant exhaust silencers
  • Heat and sound absorbing internal and external insulation for exhaust ducts and heat recovery boilers
  • Steel and fabric expansion joints for static separation of components
  • Flow guide vanes for effective turbulence reduction
Bypass chimneys with silencers

By-pass stacks with silencers