Air intake systems

The faultless operation of air intake systems plays a key role in determining the efficiency of a gas turbine power plant. Air filter systems are essential for protecting sensitive turbine parts. It is also important to keep noise exposure to a minimum in order to protect power plant personnel and the environment. In tune with the ambient conditions of your site, we plan and develop the right air intake system for you. As an expert in filter houses, our air filter systems don’t just meet the toughest purity specifications - they also improve the efficiency of your turbines and fulfill all the requisite noise control requirements.

Our product range includes:

  • Air intake ducts with sound-deadening wall superstructures
  • Single- or multi-blade shut-off dampers
  • Flow-optimized silencers
  • Filter houses for all application areas, e.g.
  • Static filter houses with single or combination filter systems
  • Pulse filter houses with evaporative coolers
  • Droplet catchers
  • Anti-icing systems
  • Complete instrumentation and control technology
Filter casing and intake channel

Filter casing with anti-icing-system

Filter house with anti-icing

Filter casing with anti-icing-system

Filter house clean room with filters and air intake silencer baffles

Isolation flap during test operation

Shut-off damper for trial operation