Silencers for power plant technology

Gas turbines are extremely noisy. Special silencers are needed to meet the strict environmental protection requirements laid down for today’s state-of-the-art gas turbine power plants. These regulations affect both the intake and exhaust sides. Both sides place different requirements on engineering, material selection and production. For example, intake silencers absorb mainly high frequencies generated by the rotation of the compressor stage. Special emphasis must also be placed on cleanliness during production to ensure that the combustion air is not contaminated when the silencers are up and running.

In addition to absorbing low frequencies, exhaust silencers must also be able to withstand strong flow forces and operating temperatures of up to 650°C. The high temperature gradients that occur when the system is started up and shut down must also be taken into consideration during the design process.

Irrespective of whether they are to be implemented in open or combined processes, G+H silencers are tailored individually for each application and satisfy even the most demanding technical requirements.

The following types of silencers are available:

  • Baffle absorption silencers with wide frequency bands, such as gas turbines or cooling towers
  • Resonator silencers based on the Helmholtz and/or Lambda/4 principle for use with dusty media, such as coal-fired power plants and flue gas desulfurization systems
  • Vent silencers for use, for example, in combined cycle or steam turbine power plants when gaseous media under high pressure have to be released into the atmosphere