Protection against vibrations and structure-borne noise

Vibrations occur wherever machines and modes of transportation are in action. The effect of these machines on the environment, but also the effect of the environment on buildings, test facilities and testing or measuring equipment, demand effective measures to protect against vibrations and structure-borne noise.

That’s why protecting machines, assemblies, components and buildings against vibrations involves the use of cutting-edge technology. A distinction is made here between source and receiver insulation. Source insulation is used, for example, in engines, assemblies, pumps, presses, punches and power units, while receiver insulation is used in buildings, building components, measuring rooms, measuring and testing equipment and radio and television studios.

A lot of experience is needed to select the best measures for vibration insulation, to define damping masses and to calculate vibration amplitudes and levels. Customers have been relying on the experience of G+H for more than 50 years. We offer effective solutions to protect against vibrations and structure-borne noise in a wide range of applications.

We don’t just provide support for planning and product selection, we also take care of additional vibration and structure-borne noise measurements, installation and installation monitoring.

These services include:

  • Engineering
  • Products
  • Measurements
  • Assembly and installation
  • References and diagrams

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