Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC)

G+H Schallschutz has Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC) certification. As a result, our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that we have implemented – and use – an SCC-compliant safety, health and environment management system for project planning, development, engineering and management.

SCC Certificate - german
KLN 201028-16
Gültig bis: 08. Dezember 2018
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SCC - deutsch

SCC Certificate - english
Certification Registration No:
KLN 0201028-16
Cerificate Expiry: 08 December 2018
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SCC - englisch

SCC Certificate - french
Certificat d'approbation No:
KLN 0201028-16
Expiration du certificat: 08 Décembre 2018
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