Acoustical doors and gates

With many built-in components, optimum sound insulation can be achieved by raising the surface mass accordingly. However, acoustical doors and gates also have to be easy to open and close, which is a factor that becomes increasingly difficult to implement as the weight rises. That’s why special fittings, locks and belts are becoming just as important as effective and smooth-running rebate seals in doors and gates. Specialist expertise in acoustical door design is required from as little as 30 decibels (dB), and the level of difficulty rises with every additional dB.

G+H customers know that they can rely not only on the correct functionality of each individual component but also on a product’s overall performance. Our teams of interdisciplinary engineers are very familiar with acoustic details and are able to keep an overview of the whole project.

Alongside our tried-and-tested TSS 6 acoustical doors and gates, which we produce in single- and double-leaf design in a range of sizes, we also specialize in special tailor-made applications for our customers. For this purpose, we develop customized solutions and test their acoustic efficiency in our own "door test facilities". We also test individual components in our acoustic measuring room. In this way, we ensure the utmost precision, optimum and lasting sound insulation and extreme ease of operation.

Hochschalldämmende TSS6 TürHochschalldämmende Doppeltüranlage

We offer our customers:

  • Sound-deadening sliding doors, single- or double-leaf
  • Lifting gates, e.g. for machines, production systems and halls
  • Doors and gates for acoustical enclosures, studios, measuring rooms, production systems or test facilities
  • Gates for theaters, up to 10 m long with partitions between the main stage and wings and sound insulation up to 65 dB.
  • Acoustical gate systems with crane openings
  • Airlock-type gate systems
  • Doors for overpressure and vacuum situations, e.g. for fan test facilities