Enclosures and booths

Many powerful machines, e.g. presses, compressors and blowers, generate noise levels that make it impossible for operators to work in the surrounding area without protection. In many cases, acoustical enclosures or booths are the answer.

Sound-insulating enclosures

Acoustical enclosures prevent the propagation of noise from individual machines and entire production lines throughout plant halls. Both the design and acoustical configuration of these enclosures play a key role in protecting staff and ensuring their smooth integration into the production environment. G+H offers reliable and practical solutions that can be customized to meet even the most challenging technical requirements of our customers. The standard components of our G+H SONEX enclosure system combine economic and acoustical benefits, while SONEX S enables special designs that can be integrated into complete production facilities or employed as partial enclosures and screening walls. What’s more, we ensure that all the machines are easy to access.

Schalldämmende Trennung lärmintensiver Bereiche Typ Sonex SI

Sonex SI - seals off noisy areas

Schalldämmende Kapselung einer Maschine Typ SONEX N

Sonex N - ensures sound-insulating encapsulation for a machine

In addition to acoustical enclosures for use indoors, we also plan and build enclosures for use outdoors, e.g. to cut the noise level of refrigerating machines, stand-by units and generators.

The benefits of G+H SONEX enclosures at a glance:

  • Excellent insulation and noise absorption
  • Easy access and undisturbed material flow
  • Precise adaptation to specific dimensions
  • Comprehensive range of accessories, such as doors, gates, airlocks and sound-insulated intake and exhaust systems.

Acoustical booths

If it is not possible to encapsulate individual parts of a system, sound-insulating booths are an effective alternative. They are ideal for control centers, switch rooms, office and recreation rooms and for reporting and interpreting work. Our acoustical booths meet all the acoustic requirements for modern working environments, and their customized design options and robust construction deliver optimum benefits for everyday operation.