Measuring and test rooms

Components and machines today don’t just have to satisfy tough demands in terms of noise protection. With more and more products, the type of noise, its acoustic power and the impact of potential sources of interference are all playing an increasingly important role. The demands placed on acoustic measurements are therefore as varied as the products themselves. That’s why research institutes, universities and well-known industrial companies have chosen to rely on the experience of G+H Schallschutz for over 50 years.

Resistant perforated plate baffles in a wind tunnel

Resistant perforated plate baffles in a wind tunnel

We have implemented more than 500 measuring and test rooms worldwide based on customers’ specific requirements. In doing so, we combine many years of consulting and planning expertise with the technical know-how of an installation company to create customized and cost-effective solutions. In our dedicated development center, a team of experts in various measuring facilities and test rooms drives forward the further development of our products, performs acoustic approval measurements and issues certifications.

For our customers we plan and build the following turnkey solutions:

  • Anechoic and highly absorbent rooms that simulate outdoor measuring conditions
  • Reverberation rooms for determining acoustic power
  • Audiometric rooms for testing hearing
  • Wind tunnels for measuring airflow noises on vehicles
  • Recording studios

For all these measuring and test rooms, we are able to supply a broad range of built-in parts, such as lighting, flexible suspension and complete ventilation.