Reverberation Rooms

Well-planned reverberation rooms are ideal for measuring the absorbance of porous substances and the degree of noise insulation provided by components. They are also a simple and effective means of determining acoustic power. High-quality measurements necessitate a long reverberation time, as many scattered reflections as possible and consistent sound pressure throughout the room. We at G+H Schallschutz have decades of experience in the construction of acoustic measuring rooms, which we use to plan and create reverberation rooms to meet the precise requirements of our customers. We also offer all the requisite components, such as the flexible suspension of entire rooms, rotating and suspended diffusors and special wall and ceiling coatings.

Our customers can choose from two quality levels depending on the measuring accuracy they require:

  • Accuracy class 1 (precision method)
    In this case, absorbance can be measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354 and/or acoustic power in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3741.
  • Accuracy class 2 (engineering method)
    These measurements correspond to DIN EN ISO 3743-1 (comparative method) or DIN EN ISO 3743-2 (special reverberation rooms).

Here is an example of a reverberation room:

Reverberation rooms

Reverberation rooms to DIN EN 20354 DIN EN ISO 3741
Special reverberation rooms to DIN EN ISO 3743-2