Anechoic and highly absorbent rooms

It’s not just quality and visual appeal that determine the success of products on the market today - the sound they make also plays a key role. That’s why sound design has extended beyond the automotive industry and become a standard element of many products in the leisure and household appliance sectors. Anechoic and highly absorbent rooms from G+H create the ideal conditions for testing and optimizing the noise emissions of new products. These rooms replicate the measuring conditions outdoors, but without interfering ambient noises and weather conditions.

Depending on their requirements, customers can choose from two accuracy classes for which we use different absorbers:

  • Anechoic acoustic measuring rooms in accuracy class 1 (precision method)
    These rooms meet the strict conditions of DIN EN ISO 3745-2003.
  • Highly absorbent acoustic measuring rooms in accuracy class 2 (engineering method)
    In this case, the sound pressure level is allowed to deviate more widely from the ideal free field. These rooms meet the conditions of DIN EN ISO 3744.

Our portfolio includes the full range of accessories for acoustic measuring rooms, such as flexible suspensions, foot netting, gratings and shielding. We also supply mobile acoustic measuring rooms.

Here are some examples of anechoic rooms.

Halbraum mit ASONAD-ML

Half-room with ASONAD-ML lining

Halbraum mit kombinierter Auskleidung ASONAD-MF und -ML

Half-room with combined
ASONAD-MF and -ML lining

Vollraum mit ASONAD-MF Auskleidung

Full room with ASONAD-MF lining

Vollraum mit ASONAD-S Auskleidung

Full room with ASONAD-S lining

Here is an example of a highly absorbent room.

Halbraum mit SONEX WF Flachabsorber für hochabsorbierende Räume

Half-room with SONEX WF flat absorbers
for highly absorbent rooms