No matter whether they are recording classical piano concerts, radio sessions or movies, anyone playing music, speaking text or creating sound effects can only strike the right note when they can work in a room that is free of interference. That’s why recording studios and control rooms are usually equipped with acoustic sound-absorbing components. Research and development facilities place even higher demands on these kinds of systems. For example, the recommendations for room geometry, volume and reverberation time in line with ITU-R BS.1116* are so strict that very few companies can actually put them into practice in their designs.

G+H provides top-quality consulting, planning and construction services for recording studios that offer balanced and defined room acoustics, thus providing ideal recording conditions. What’s more, they also have an appealing visual design. For this purpose, for example, we offer special lining behind baffles. Our portfolio also includes all the requisite accessories, such as sound-absorbing door systems or control room windows.

Here is an example of a recording studio:

Schallabsorbierende Wand- und Deckenverkleidung in einem Studio

Sound-absorbing wall and
ceiling lining in a studio

*ITU-R – International Telecommunication Union Recommendation