Wind tunnels

It is very rare for a vehicle or vehicle component to be taken into series production today without first undergoing tests and improvements in the wind tunnel. Tests are used, for example, to determine drag coefficients, aerodynamic properties and the wind noise inside the vehicle. When it’s not just a component’s behavior in airflows that has to be optimized, but also its airflow noise, this places particularly tough requirements on the acoustics. G+H has access to a wide range of absorbers and accessories to offer each and every customer the perfect solution for equipping their wind tunnels with the right insulating materials.

Our scope of supply for wind tunnels includes:

  • G+H ASONAD®–ML absorbers for an optimum acoustic free field (1)
  • G+H TSS 6 gates and doors (2)
  • Sound-absorbing glazing or control room windows (3)
  • Silencers for wind machines (4)
  • Sound-absorbing deflecting blades in the form of baffle silencers (5)
  • G+H SONEX®-WF flat absorbers for lining tunnel walls (6)
  • Baffle silencers (7)

Here are some examples: