The products and services of G+H are designed to ensure the effective and sustainable reduction of noise levels and vibrations in a whole range of applications. That is why we have spent the last few decades developing our noise protection services for the benefit of our customers. Our practical products and systems are the result of comprehensive fundamental research and intensive product development. They are tailored to the precise requirements of our customers and are designed to create the basis for technical and cost-effective noise protection.

Our portfolio includes measuring and test rooms, acoustical enclosures and booths, absorber systems for improved room acoustics as well as doors, gates and other construction elements. We also plan, design and assemble complete system components, such as intake, exhaust gas and exhaust air systems that play a key role in the operation of gas turbines. Our vibration elements provide effective protection against structure-borne noise and vibrations.

Customers from the following sectors have come to rely on our expertise and experience:

  • Industry
  • Power plants
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Gas & oil