Ventilation Silencers

Relax silencer baffles

Baffle silencers are often used if ventilation or air-conditioning systems need effective sound insulation. Thanks to their standardized dimensions, relax silencer baffles from G+H offer economic benefits combined with excellent efficiency. This has been confirmed by the results of an officially approved testing center, which checked the insertion losses of different baffle thicknesses and spacing in compliance with DIN 45646. Our relax baffles also meet the criteria of Gütergemeinschaft Schalldämpfer e.V. They can be designed in different materials to suit a whole range of requirements, which means they are also able to withstand aggressive media.

What’s more, the silencers can also be equipped with flow directing plates to reduce any losses in pressure. The absorber can be covered with foil for use in humid or dusty environments. We also install additional panel absorbers depending on the acoustic requirements.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram of vent silencer

Damping spectrum, theoretical/measured

Damping spectrum, theoretical/measured

Standard perforated plate baffles

Standard perforated plate baffles from G+H are ideal for use in fresh-air silencers, cooling towers and all kinds of industrial silencers. We have developed a special design in order to generate economic benefits for our customers and to tailor the baffles precisely to each application. What’s more, our baffle upstream flow and flow-off are sound-absorbing as standard, which raises the acoustic efficiency of these components further still.

Our perforated plate baffles are designed as follows:

  • Stable, self-supporting perforated plate with flat plate reinforcements
  • Mineral fiber with glass tile covering, non-flammable
  • Folded and riveted or welded connections
  • Galvanized steel plate
  • Upstream flow side half-round, flow-off side with short diffuser
Perforated plate baffle

Perforated plate baffle