Vent silencers

In industry and the power plant sector, vaporous or gaseous media often have to be vented under controlled circumstances. The kinetic energy this creates in the form of alternating vibrations can generate high noise levels with even comparatively low discharge volumes. With larger quantities or a greater release, extremely high noise levels are frequent. These can be counteracted with vent silencers with multi-step expansion stages. The structure of the expansion stages and an optimized throttle system are key to ensuring effective noise reduction.

Based on the particular thermodynamic conditions, such as pressure, mass flow and temperature, and the required insertion loss, we at G+H develop and plan customized silencer solutions for use in both non-pressurized and pressurized applications. We also offer the corresponding vent systems complete with risers and vent pipes.

Schema Ausblasschalldämpfer

Diagram of a vent silencer

Ausblasschalldämpfer in einem Kraftwerk

Vent silencers in a power plant

If necessary, we also use:

  • Heat-resistant materials, such as the extremely pressure- and temperature-resistant P91 steel
  • Sand coat or other compensators to meet special requirements for structure-borne noise
  • Additional absorption baffles
  • Sliding connection with stuffing box, with claw fastening
  • Outer insulation
  • Rain covers