Wall and ceiling linings

Noise at the workplace is not only harmful to health – it also impairs staff motivation and performance. If noise sources cannot be confined through enclosures or booths, sound-absorbing wall and ceiling linings can help reduce the reverberation and, therefore, the noise levels significantly. They are ideal for plant halls, laboratories, test rooms and studios. However, for these systems to really come into their own, the acoustic, static and fire prevention requirements and the site’s specific operating conditions must also be taken into account. Customized solutions eliminate the possibility of consequential loss, such as structural damage as a result of water vapor diffusion.

G+H offers a range of absorbers for a broad spectrum of applications, which are intended to satisfy all the acoustical requirements while ensuring a visually appealing design. Installation follows careful planning with our customers, thus ensuring optimum noise protection measures that are fully compatible with the requirements for everyday use.

Here is a selection of our absorber solutions:

  • SONEX W - for wall and ceiling linings in production facilities, laboratories, test rooms and studios
  • SONEX W/L - for optimum noise absorption
  • SONO R and B compact absorbers - for production facilities, event rooms, canteens and swimming pools
  • SONO H compact absorbers - for use in food production facilities and bottling plants, which place high requirements on humidity resistance, hygiene and acoustic properties.
Hochschallabsorbierende Lochblechverkleidung in einem Prüfstand

Sound-deadening perforated plate lining in a test bench

Schallabsorbierende Wand- und Deckenverkleidung in einem Studio

Sound-absorbing wall and ceiling lining in a studio

SONO - Kompaktabsorber Typ R

SONO R compact absorber in a water park,
hung on stainless steel cables suitable for a swimming pool environment.