Optimum planning alone cannot guarantee a project’s success. Successful installation is also key if operators want to use machines and systems in the long term. That’s why careful and thorough installation is a must, particularly for sensitive parts or challenging on-site conditions.

Installation of a sound-absorbing rectifier for an airplane test run hall

Installation of a sound-absorbing straightener for an aircraft test-run hall

Installation of a trap in new building of a power plant

Installation of a valve in a new power plant

G+H offers a complete range of installation services for modernization, renovation and the installation of new parts, tailoring our services to the requirements of our clients. We can either provide support for our customers’ staff as they tackle an installation project themselves or offer turnkey installation services.

Our experienced supervisors and installation specialists work around the globe to ensure meticulous, cost-optimized and on-time installation right through to start-up of the finished system.